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Friends,  this Chess game is one of my tools of the main website I have made this Online Chess Game in the free time of my life. I would like to explain something about this game. I know you are a master in chess games but I have to explain some other functions given on the upside of the Chessboard.

How to Play Chess Online with Computer

The common rules of the chess game don't have to be explained because you all know that. I'm going to explain about Auto Play, Auto Play Speed, and Choosing the color. Chess Online Play, Online Chess Playing, Play Online Chess, Play Chess online, Chess Play Online, Chess Online, Online Chess, Chess Game, Game Chess, Chess, Play chess, login, Google chess, Best online chess, Chess online multiplayer, Play chess against computer, Play chess online with friends, Chess online 2 players.

Auto Play - The autoplay option is automatically selected for black when you open the game. If you just open the game and click on the white color of the Auto Play option, the game will be played automatically, and then you won't have to do anything until the game is over. This means that if you press any one color just 1 time, autoplay is activated for that color.

You can also stop the game from running automatically by clicking on any color of the "Auto Play" option.

Make it Multi-Player - If you want to make the game multi-player, then all you have to do is click on the black color of the Auto Play option. This allows two people to play this chess game together.

Auto-Play Speed - With the help of this option you can increase the speed of the game. One makes the speed normal and four is higher. This will speed up the computer or game to make move quickly, but you can take as much time as you want to play tricks. If the game is completely automatic, the game will be over quickly.

Other online chess games do not have this feature and players are bored due to the slow movement of the chess game.

Choose Color - In the Chase game, you get two color options: black and white. You can choose the either color. When you start the game, white is automatically set for you.

But when you change to the black color, do not forget to click on the black color first and then the white color in the Auto Play option. Otherwise, the black color will be active to move automatically, but you have chosen the same color for your move.

Restart Game - Restarting the game usually means that you are reloading the web page, because if you reload the website then the game will start again.

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